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3 hari berturut-turut terhitung dari hari selasa sampai kamis, traffick blog hina ini mendapatkan 1500 lebih visitor sehingga semangat untuk ngeBLOG lagi, dan setidaknya angka rata-rata di sitemeter mulai membaik. Mungkin sulit, bisa diulangi lagi karena semenjak ngeblog Cuma 2 kali artikel ane bisa mendapatkan tempat “HOT” di sanubari biasanya Cuma numpang ngelintas.. dan bantu-bantu 200-300 visitor.. tapi timbulnya (macem nama pelawak aja ah.. si timbul) semangat blog ini, dan tercapainya target traffick saya akan memberikan sedikit cemilan makan malam, dan sekaligus posting baru kepada pengunjung blog ini (back sound : hore,,,,,,,,,,,).

Posting kali ini tentang profile dan tentu saja bonus MP3 dari band Indie, Topi Jerami...

Nah... profile band ini ane copas dari myspace mereka.. bisa di cek disini

We've started this band seriously in 2006 with an idea to make some punk band,but also catchy to heard, and even kids under 10 years can make their slam dance when they listened to us!

The name was given by our ex member cause he's fully inspired with the name 'Japanese animation', then gave this band with a funny name, which is synchronized to our progress as a funny punk band with lots of funny idea to make people fun, and we've got no compromised at the time, we sure about it.

But thanks to god, in a very short time we can find a new members who could give a plus point for the bands.... we're getting doubt at the first but become enjoy too, we've also renewing our concept from punk rock, became pop punk and of course mixed with other music cause we won't stuck in the same line and kicked with the time
And now, we've change for one more time, the old-new (we called this guy with that phrase!) member join back for giving a sense of new wave pop-punk beat and happy synthesizer lick! Now the band 's members becoming more advance than before with Yagee(vocal&guitar),Cuplizz(bass),Cephy(guitar), Bastian(Midi and Boards),Shael(Drums) we've start again to be more conceptual than before, pure,and of course easier to listened.....

We've been released our first album, we called this "Pertunjukan Hari Esok" which contains 8 fresh songs from our new beginning music concept we hope that many kinds of people like it, no matter how bad or good in their ears and every single comment sent to us here we just need to be better and better and we're trying to reach that.

Thanks for stopping at our page, hope we can share some info here

Nah... langsung aja tampa banyak basa basi.. dilampirkan link downloadnya.. dari album “Pertunjukan Hari Esok”

Topi Jerami - Another Mistake Another Disaster
Topi Jerami - Awal Titik Pijak
Topi Jerami - Fix The Mess In The Past
Topi Jerami - Pertunjukkan Hari Esok
Topi Jerami - Polaroid Irama Dan Nada
Topi Jerami - Sebuah Arti Dalam Situasi
Topi Jerami - Talking To Your Door
Topi Jerami - Transisi (Accoustic)

Nah... bonus deh... sebuah old song-nya... Topi Jerami – Sisi Baru

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